What distinguishes Reid's Tannery Promotional Products from the other companies in the branded merchandising field is our top-notch customer service. 

We put our focus into a one-on-one, customer-first philosophy. Reid's Tannery gladly works with individuals and companies alike throughout the United States, and we offer the same neighborly helpfulness and attentiveness to private citizens, small businesses or organizations, and large companies all the same. There will also be no difference in the quality of service you receive based on location. Whether you’re in our backyard or far away, we’ll be here to answer every question and deliver a quality finished product to you. 

In an industry where success hinges on the quality of the final product, Reid's Tannery provides a level of creativity that will customize your individual marketing or public relations efforts through professional service and high-tech expertise. We take pride in the personal touch we add to every professional relationship we build, and it is our mission to provide high quality items that both support your company image and spread awareness of your brand via unique visual style.